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Far Cry 5 gives us none of this. Our protagonist gets beaten real human hair extensions, nearly drowned, brainwashed, drugged, and tortured, yet he/she never says anything, never reacts in any way. It would have been so much more compelling if we had an actual character we could watch become more and more hardened and unhinged as the story progresses.

Makes sense. Gun show loopholes funny. I mean in reality if someone wants a gun theyll get one either through legal or illegal means. So there at least 40 different stratum servers worth considering, at probably that many nodes as well, as no one would want their large mining pool to be depending on a single node with no failover. A complete graph of miners would have every one of these nodes connect to every other one of these nodes, but that gets a bit ridiculous not to mention tedious whenever someone adds or removes a node. Instead, the graphs are nearly complete.

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Torrential rains from cyclone expected to impact Midwest by

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